Bit4G Guide

Bit4G InteliTrade

The Next-Gen Trading Algo powered by Artificial Intelligence

At the very heart of Bit4G lies something we call InteliTrade.

InteliTrade is a self-learning, AI-based trading algorithm which is way ahead of our times and other ‘trading bots’ available in the market.

What makes InteliTrade different is it does not follow a single pre-fed trading strategy, it works on its own sense of intelligence and is able to learn from every single trade to continuously improve each trade and learns from it in the process, to ensure better trading results.

For our users it means that they can now take advantage of some really advanced, cutting-edge technology which was once only to the worlds largest hedge funds; and earn substantial returns on their investments.

Last 7 days' InteliTrade Profit
1.90% 2018-03-21 Distributed
0.32% 2018-03-20 Distributed
1.09% 2018-03-19 Distributed
0.92% 2018-03-18 Distributed
1.01% 2018-03-17 Distributed
1.39% 2018-03-16 Distributed
1.97% 2018-03-15 Distributed

Bit4G Trading

The first path to healthy profits - Trade B4G coins with other users and take advantage of the coin value appreciation.

Step 1

Create an account

Step 2

Deposit Bitcoin or Ether into your account

Step 3

Purchase B4G coin

Step 4

Trade B4G coin at the right opportunity

Step 5

Buy Low, Sell High & enjoy healthy Profits

Bit4G Lending

How to use the Bit4G Lending System

The users have an option to lend a part of their Bit4G coin holdings to the InteliTrade system. Upon doing so, you start receiving InteliTrade profits every 24 hours. The InteliTrade profits are based upon the trade earnings made by the InteliTrade trading algorithm on that day. The InteliTrade earnings vary within a narrow range on a day-to-day basis.

In totality, Bit4G offers InteliTrade profits of up to 49% per month on your lending amount.

It's easy to invest into Bit4G. Our state of the art platform allows you to obtain B4G coins. Bit4G InteliTrade allows you to profit from our high-frequency trading algorithm. Once you have lent at least a 100 dollar worth of B4G coins, you are able to enjoy healthy profits.

Your profits depend on your investment amount, but you can expect to earn up to 49% monthly which you are able to re-invest to maximize your profitability. In addition to Trading and Mining Bit4G gives you the extra chance to develop further passive income.

Lending Amount Interest Daily Acured Interest Capital
$ 100 - $ 1,000 InteliTrade Profit
upto 49% Per Month
InteliTrade Profit- After 279 Days
$ 1010 - $ 5,000 InteliTrade Profit
upto 49% Per Month
InteliTrade Profit +0.15% Daily After 219 Days
$ 5010 - $ 10,000 InteliTrade Profit
upto 49% Per Month
InteliTrade Profit +0.25% Daily After 159 Days
$ 10,010 - $ 100,000 InteliTrade Profit
upto 49% Per Month
InteliTrade Profit +0.30% Daily After 119 Days
Projected earnings calculator
Principal :
rate of Interest :
% (30 days avg)
Term Length :
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Your profit: $
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Profit with principal: $
Principal :
rate of Interest :
% (07 days avg)
Term Length :
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Your profit: $
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Profit with principal: $
Simple Steps to Substantial Success

In simple terms, Bit4G lending platform follows three steps:


Users buy B4G coins and lend it to Bit4G’s InteliTrade.


InteliTrade works its magic to generate returns over invesments through digital asset trading and arbitrage in international markets.


Bit4G platform shares a part of the profits generated by InteliTrade with the user.

Bit4G Staking

What is Bit4G Staking and how can you make money from it?

For those unfamiliar with this avenue of generating profit, staking is also known as proof of staking. This process involves purchasing the coin and keeping it in the wallet for a fixed period in order to generate your profit. This is very similar to a fixed deposit or a hedge fund but the returns are a lot higher and your money is more than often fourfolded in a quarter of the time. So you can expect around 400% positive equity rather than deposit your money in a Hedge fund or a Fixed Deposit.

In a fixed deposit, your interest is a small percentage and that too varies. It could go low and more than often your yield on the fixed amount is very low, whereas in staking, your reward will be additional coins. When you are rewarded extra coins the value of the coins are more than likely to rise 400%+ faster than any other high street bank. The volatility of the coins makes it a wise decision to stake your money and earn from it by not doing anything at all. The other advantages of staking your coin are that you are not tied into a long contract as you would be with a fixed deposit. You can expect a return of up to 500% with Bit4G staking tool.

The staking system will allow you to earn an interest on the part of B4G coins that you can choose to stake with the platform. For users looking for a method other than lending, this is another way you can create a passive income.

Like all other investment funds out there, the longer you stake your investment with Bit4G the higher the reward will be, another added benefit of compounding your interest. This means after obtaining an already substantial return on your investment in order to generate further exponential profits.

What are the advantages of staking?

The advantages of staking with Bit4G is that you can be assured to earn high returns with a smaller investment as you would with other investment vehicles. We are quite pleased to announce that there is platform is the first of its kind in the current market producing high results but maintaining stability at the same time. Due to the volatile market, you are guaranteed to make money as the price of the coins will grow and intern you will receive your rewards in B4G coins at the same time. Not only will your coins develop their value you will also gain more coins! Typically you're in a win-win scenario.

Bit4G Mining

How to use the Bit4G Mining System

For users who have some experience in mining and would like to go this route, you can mine B4G coin and generate a positive income stream using this method.

Mining cryptocurrency in simple terms is how new coins are generating new units of Bit4G. Though this technique is more for the advanced user, Bit4G’s powerful and intelligent software combined with state of the art hardware is capable of handling extreme loads and frequent transactions.

Through cryptocurrency mining, miners confirm all the transaction that has taken place and records it in the public ledger called BLOCKCHAIN and in return gets a reward. The first cryptocurrency miner to validate the transaction will be rewarded. Because of the reward, more miners are encouraged to participate in the mining process. Hence more the number of cryptocurrency miners, more validation of transaction and more secure is the transaction.