Fees & Charges

Bit4G Fees and Withdrawal Limits

Please review Bit4G fees and withdrawal limitations.

Note: Bit4G reserves the right to change fees and withdrawal limitations any time.

Bit4G has the following fees and limitations on withdrawal:

Trading: The charges applicable to all buy and sell trades made for B4G coin would depend upon the fee structure of the specific exchange where you're executing the trades.

Deposit Fee: Bit4G doesn't charge any fee for depositing Bitcoin, Ether or B4G coin to your wallet. However, you may incur wallet service provider fee or network fee for making any of these deposits. These fees are applicable outside Bit4G ecosystem and Bit4G doesn't control these charges.

Withdraw: Bit4G doesn't intend to make any profits on withdrawals. The transaction fee covers the mining and other network charges to ensure smooth processing and fast confirmation times. For this purpose, we charge a withdrawal fee of .0004 BTC / .008 ETH per withdrawal.

Note: Bit4G reserves the right to upgrade/update/modify fees and withdrawal limits at any time.